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Learn the skills of how to lead and conduct an audit!

It’s hard to fix those elements of a business that just don’t work as they should when you don’t know what to fix.

Those annoying bugs, miss-aligned systems, or tools that don’t quite do the job right can establish themselves overtime as a permanent resident of your business.  They take over your culture leaving you disheartened and the staff disappointed.

This is what quality auditing is about:

  • Understanding how the system should work,
  • Testing to see if it does work, and then
  • Looking for ways to improve it.

An effective manager uses a quality audit as a tool to identify the root causes of performance problems so she can decide how to allocate her resources to fix it.

If you can learn this skill—if you can learn to do a quality audit, then you can find the answers to your problems yourself—before they manifest into a serious performance problem.

Our diploma of quality auditing course will teach you practical audit management and team leadership skills.  Learn to plan, manage, undertake and lead audits in any industry.

You will learn through:

  • Real-life industry case-study scenarios
  • Live on-site audit exercises
  • High-quality learning material
  • Job-ready templates

Our Diploma of Quality Auditing is practical and highly participative.  You won’t sit and listen to PowerPoints, you will do audits.  You will learn auditing practices that are the benchmark in the industry (ISO 19011).


The Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51615 will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the course and all assessments. This formal Australian qualification is recognised globally and relevant to any industry that uses quality auditing processes.


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Classroom: Brisbane

Course Fee: $ 4,920

*Prerequisites apply see below 

Diploma of quality auditing BSB51615 – COURSE INFORMATION


Part 1: Lead Auditor foundation skills.

Learn the fundamental principles and skills of auditing.  Learn to plan an audit from scratch based on varying objectives, scopes and criteria.  Learn and practice matching the right tools (people, checklists, standards) for the right job.

  • Initiate a quality audit BSBAUD501
  • Participate in a quality audit BSBAUD402

Part 2: Interviewing for high performance.

The auditor is an investigator,  before an investigation is needed. Learn the essential skills of interviewing, learn to gather evidence effectively and practice your skills in our communication simulators and through group work.

  • Lead and manage team effectiveness BSBWOR502
  • Lead a quality audit BSBAUD503

Part 3: Managing audit operations.

Learn the skills to manage yourself and others effectively. Learn to plan a risk-based audit schedule, learn how to improve your performance and learn how to look for waste, inefficiency and ways to improve.

  • Manage risk BSBRSK501
  • Facilitate continuous improvement BSBMGT516

Part 4: Technical writing and audit reporting.

Great auditors write clearly and succinctly. Learn to be a competent writer who can produce documents relevant to a variety of audiences.   Writing skills will serve you well in life, not just your auditing career.

  • Report on a quality audit BSBAUD504
  • Write complex documents BSBWRT401

There are three ways you can complete the Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51615 with ASSET Aviation Institute.

12 months study 

Intensive study: If you are familiar with the audit process, and have at least 2 years of operational experience in the aviation industry you can apply for the intensive study delivery.  Includes 20 consecutive working days of training over four weeks and 105 hours of guided home work.

RPL students may enrol in any semester and must complete all assessments within 12 months from the date of admission.

The Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51615 is delivered in a face-to-face classroom setting with the practical activities.

The course is structured with lectures in the morning, tutorials in the afternoon and evening sessions of self learning. ASSET Aviation Institute is open after class each evening to allow students to complete their exercises or study in a friendly environment under the supervision of an instructor.

The classes commence at 0830 and conclude at 1730, with breaks throughout the day.

RPL students may enrol in any semester and must complete all assessments within six months from the date of admission.

Entry prerequisites apply for each option. Our prerequisite section explains the required experience.


Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51615

Classroom enrolment prerequisites

To participate in this course you must have:

  • A sufficient level of English language.  To demonstrate your English language competency you can provide us evidence of: English language proficiency (Year 11 English or equivalent) or contact us to schedule a language, literacy and numeracy assessment and
  • Be familiar with the audit process, and have at least 2 years of operational experience in the aviation industry.
Prerequisites for enrolment to the recognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway.

If you are a current auditor and have three years of auditing experience, apply for an assessment interview.  RPL is an efficient method of obtaining your qualification.  If you have already done the work, then apply for assessment via RPL; the process is simple and easy.


Diploma of Quality Auditing Start Date Availability Apply
Enrolments for 2021 open  15 Feb 2021  Available



Course fee


*Payable in four installments

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) fee



Our Institute is located in the heart of Brisbane’s beautiful CBD. All workshops are delivered in our training rooms located on Level 5, 10 Market Street Brisbane, Australia. The Institute is within walking distance of cafes, public transport (busses, train and city-cat ferry) hotels and shops.


Diploma + Diploma + Advanced Diploma
BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Auditor
  • Audit program manager
  • Senior administrator
  • Safety department head
  • General manager
  • Senior administrator
  • Lead auditor
  • International consultant
  •  Senior executive


The purpose of the Diploma qualification type is to qualify individuals who apply integrated technical and theoretical concepts in a broad range of contexts to undertake advanced skilled or paraprofessional work and as a pathway for further learning. Diploma qualifications are located at level 5 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Our diploma qualifications are designed and accredited to enable graduates to demonstrate the learning outcomes expressed as knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills specified in the level 5 criteria and the Diploma descriptor. Diploma qualifications allow pathways to higher education.

AQF level 5

It’s important that you understand our policies, your rights and obligations.  Please download your student handbook.


Q: Do I need to do homework?

A: Yes, there is quite a bit of homework that you need to do each night.  Each class is taught in three parts: lecture, tutorial and then prac.  You need to repeat the prac as homework.  But don’t worry, it’s not impossible, but you will need to dedicate a bit of time in the evening and during the weekend.  Once the course is finished, and provided you completed all of the exercises and tests, there is no more homework: you’re done.

Q: Are the class exercises relevant to aviation situations?

A: Yes, this is our speciality.  You will learn from case studies based on real-life events.  We have case-studies for airlines, MROs, aerodromes and government situations.

Q: Can I do an audit after I complete this class?

A: Yes, you will leave with knowledge, skills and tools that will allow to start auditing immediately.


We offer the highest of quality training in auditing to both individuals and industry personnel.  We will teach you how to conduct an audit, coach you along as you develop your skills and ensure that you are competent and confident before you leave the Institute.  You will be ready to work.

Our professional instructors are carefully selected respected experts, with considerable experience and knowledge in their field.  Our instructors are all international auditors with decades of operational experience as auditors for some of the world’s largest organisations.  But most importantly, our instructors are teachers: their role is to help you learn and build your competence.   They do this by sharing with your their years of operational history and experience.


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