Helicopter Landing Officer Course

Programme Information

What will I learn?

In this Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) course you will learn to:

  • Prepare a helicopter landing site for the arrival and departure of a helicopter;
  • Communicate effectively with the pilot;
  • Manage the safe movement of passengers and cargo; and
  • Coordinate refuelling.

Is this course for me?

Helicopter landing officers (HLO) keep passengers and ground personnel safe. This three-day course is essential for anyone who works with helicopters, or is responsible for the safe management of a heliport, or remote helicopter landing site. This course is recommended for:

  • Heliport service providers;
  • Helicopter ground crew;
  • Medical rescue personnel;
  • Safety managers; and
  • Mine or construction site safety crew.

What are the course objectives?

Helicopter landing officers (HLO) will learn to keep passengers and ground personnel safe. Given a surface-level heliport or landing site, you will prepare the site for use by a helicopter, and conduct the duties of a HLO in accordance with published company procedures manuals and relevant legislation.

Course Information

Workshop 1: Helicopter Landing Officer

(3 days).

Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) prepares the landing site for the landing and take-off of helicopters, controls passengers and cargo, and communicates vital information to the pilots – but the heliport is a dynamic and dangerous workplace, and you need to know what the dangers are so you can manage them, keep yourself and others safe, and work effectively.

Workshop Units

  • Helicopter fundamentals
  • Passenger safety and control
  • Helicopter landing site preparation and maintenance
  • Hazards of helicopter operations
  • Hot refuelling
  • Emergency response
  • Communications and weather reporting

There are no prerequisites for admission to the class.


This is a highly specialised course.  We only run this course on request, so please call us to arrange a time.


Workshop Skill Set Certificate
Helicopter Landing Officer Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set Certificate III in Aviation (Aerodrome Operations)
  • HLO
  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer
  • Works Safety Officer
  • Lead Aerodrome Reporting Officer
  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer Supervisor


The purpose of the Certificate II qualification type is to qualify individuals to undertake mainly routine work and as a pathway to further learning.

Certificate II qualifications are located at level 2 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Certificate II qualifications must be designed and accredited to enable graduates to demonstrate the learning outcomes expressed as knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills Specified in the level 2 criteria and the Certificate II descriptor.

level 2

The course is taught over 3 days.




Classroom course fee



Our Institute is located in the heart of beautiful Brisbane’s CBD. All 2016 workshops are delivered at our training rooms at Level 5, 10 Market Street Brisbane, Australia.

Don’t like Brisbane? Want us to come to you?  Please call to schedule an in-house course at your organisation.


It’s important that you understand our policies, your rights and obligations.  Please download your student handbook.

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Why Asset Aviation Institute?

ASSET Aviation Institute is Australia’s only ICAO and IATA accredited aviation educator. The Institute works with ASSET Aviation International and their team of technical advisors and specialists to design and deliver competency-based training where it’s needed.  This course was written by ASSET Aviation CDU for the onshore mining sector and was endorsed and certificated by IATA.

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