Personal weight management plan

This online training program is designed for you: flight crew, cabin crew, engineers and all aviation professionals who work shifts, transit time zones and spend their working hours in this fast-paced and complex global industry of aviation.


This course is designed for one purpose: to keep you healthy for as long as possible.  It is not a crash diet, nor an exercise program, it is competency-based training that respects your time, gets to the point and teaches you the knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to maintain the healthiest lifestyle you can.

Course objectives

The goal of this course is to teach you the fundamental principles of nutrition and offer tips of how to live a healthy lifestyle, considering your aviation profession, for the purpose of keeping you healthy and fit-to-fly for longer.  This course is useful regardless of your current body weight.

You will learn how to reduce the likelihood of becoming obese and how to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions that may result in the temporary or permanent disqualification of your medical certificate, cause you discomfort, or shorten your life. 

There are five modules containing practical and interactive exercises that will reinforce your learning.  Each module has a progress and final mastery test.  The tests are specially designed to measure your knowledge and skills about the things that matter the most.

Why is this course for me?

  • As professional aircrew, we are used to periodic medical assessments –they are part of our life.  As professional aviation specialists, we need to be fit.
  • Routine medical examinations ensure that we are physically able to exercise the privileges of our licence, perform our jobs in all situations and they determine the risk of us becoming incapacitated in flight.
  • But not all of us are passing our medical assessments.  Each year we lose pilots, cabin crew and engineers to medical conditions that are mostly preventable.
  • As a race we are getting bigger; we are more than ever exposed to processed foods high in fat and sugar; we live sedentary lifestyles; and, as we are increasing the likelihood of loosing our medical or getting sick.
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