Want to be an Aerodrome Reporting Officer?

Each aerodrome needs a reporting officer—they are the guys you see driving around the aerodrome in a white ute with flashing yellow lights on the roof. It’s a great job; working outdoors, driving among the aircraft, inspecting the runway, checking the lighting systems, patrolling the perimeter and reporting back to base. People who want to do this job need specialised training, so people often call us asking how to start.

At ASSET Aviation Institute we offer the nationally recognised aerodrome reporting officer skill set, as the entry course to the role. In this one-week intensive program, you will learn about the various categories of aerodromes and the fundamental aspects of inspecting and reporting. This skill set will allow you to start work, at any category of aerodrome—and therefore we recommend it for all AROs.

For advanced learning, you can then come back to the institute and complete your certificate III in aviation—which involves a structured approach to managing aspects of aerodrome operations.

We only teach initial skill four times a year, so if you are thinking of applying for this role, then please register your interest early because our courses usually fill up. You can read more and register for a course here.

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Aerodrome Reporting Officer Training