Our vision is to research, develop and deliver services

that change the industry for the better

-CEO ASSET Aviation Institute Mat Petrenko

Our reputation

Our vision is to research, develop and deliver services that change the industry for the better. We believe in doing the right thing, and to us, this means working ethically and diligently in a systematic and honest manner. By doing this, we have gained a reputation for high quality, reliable and effective work. We have earned the respect of our partners at ICAO and IATA. We are Australia’s member of the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus programme, and held the Regional Training Partner for IATA in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.


Our Operational Structure

Our work at the Institute is divided among three operational units: Co-operation Research Unit (CRU), the Course Development Unit (CDU) and the Training Delivery Unit (TDU).


The Institute’s Cooperation Research Unit (CRU) is deeply engaged in operational aspects of the industry; independent; agile in thought, and oriented to the real and emergent needs of the industry and those who rely on it.

The objectives of the Institute’s CRU, are to identify and research performance problems and emerging issues in the aviation industry using the ICAO training development framework.

The Institute’s Course Development Unit (CDU) works with ICAO and industry, using intelligence from our research and technical teams, global partners and experts, to design and build competency-based educational programmes.

The objectives of the CDU are to design, produce and validate competency-based training programmes for use by civil aviation training centres in accordance with ICAO standards.

The Institute’s Training Delivery Unit (TDU) teach Diploma, and Certificate programmes in aviation leadership and management, auditing, ICAO short courses and workshops and IATA professional development training courses.

The objectives of the TDU are to deliver training to the industry in the most effective and efficient manner possible and to advance the professional development of aviation personnel, in accordance with Australian Skills and Qualification Standards and ICAO principles.


The Institute is governed by the leadership team of ASSET Aviation International and its board of directors.

The Institute manages its training programmes in accordance with the Australian State and Territory VET legislation and regulations, and with the requirements of the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Programme.


Aviation is regarded as an ultra-safe industry. With over 3.3 billion passengers flying annually on 38 million flights globally, the industry touches every continent and crosses every border. To obtain such a high level of safety and reliability requires the application of, and conformance with, standards. The Institute conforms with Australian and international standards regarding training design, delivery and continuous improvement.


The purpose of our policies is to write down what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Our policies are design to protect both parties and they are important. You can read our policies about student assessment, privacy, code of conduct and student fees by downloading a copy of our student handbook.

Our Facilities

The Institute sits right at the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, among cafés, restaurants, and international hotels, and just a short walk from the Eagle Street CityCat Wharf and Central train station. The Institute delivers our diplomas, short courses and workshops in modern and comfortable classrooms, which you’ll find on level 5, 10 Market Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia.

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