We offer professional deployment courses and programs that address some of the most critical non-technical skills in the aviation sector.  Derived from interviewing managers, and searching job descriptions from government, military, airlines, aerodromes and general aviation organisations, our learning material is designed to respond to the industry’s needs and to educate you well, for life.  Browse the selection of professional development courses below.


Aviation Safety

Aviation safety professionals are a critical component to the success of the industry.  Our safety record is no accident; it’s the result of hard work, learning from our mistakes and searching for those latent conditions that are waiting to trap us. If you can‘t use aviation safety systems, how can you manage safety?  If risk management is a mystery to you, if you believe reading tea leaves or casting runes is a more reliable method of predicting outcomes than using an SMS, then you need training.  We can help.

Our short courses quickly build your competencies in aviation safety management (SMS).  We have selected the most common and useful core competencies a safety professional needs to be effective and successful, and broken them into short professional development programs.  We teach these programs world-wide on behalf of ICAO.

Aviation (Aerodrome) Operations

Aerodrome Reporting Offers (ARO) are required by civil aviation regulations (CASR Part 139, MOS 139) to keep their skills and knowledge fresh.  We can help.

Our short courses build your competencies in aerodrome inspection and reporting.  We have selected the most common and useful core competencies aerodrome reporting and safety officers need to keep up-to-date with their role, and broken them into short professional development programs.  Learn new skills and become qualified to work at Australian aerodromes, or refresh your exisiting ticket.

Easy to use, study what you want, when you want on-line, face-to-face, or a combination of the two at our place or yours.  Get re-certified as a professional ARO; the ASSET Aviation ARO refresher program is simple and effective.

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