The Institute is governed by the leadership team of ASSET Aviation International and its board of directors.

The Institute manages its training programmes in accordance with the Australian State and Territory VET legislation and regulations, and with the requirements of the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Programme.

You can check the relevant legislation here: and

We encourage all participants to become familiar with the relevant legislation and with the requirements of the licensing authorities and how they impact on their workplace. Our systematic approach to governance and management ensures we meet two goals: student outcomes satisfy the objectives of the training package, and the Institute meets the NVR and ICAO Standards. We use a quality management system to plan, review and update our learning materials and our methods of managing the Institute: continuous improvement is integral to our the way we manage the Institute.

Our internal and third-party audit schedule ensures our internal auditors—and those of ICAO, ISO, and the Australia Skills Quality Authority—monitor our systems and help us search for better ways of operating. An annual audit for conformance with Standards covers our learning materials, teaching processes and tools, quality assurance program, instructor roster and record-keeping programs. The legislation and regulatory environment in which we work is subject to continuous change, and by subjecting our offerings and management processes to rigorous audit we ensure that we offer learning that conforms with the very latest regulations and standards; our staff continuously monitor the regulatory environment and adapt our offerings and processes in response.

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