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One of the world’s most prolific BARS auditors, ASSET Aviation, has resigned from the Flight Safety Foundation’s BARS program.

ASSET Aviation resigned from its contract yesterday, after having performed nearly a quarter of the globe’s BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) Audits over the past six years and having been part of the program since its inception in 2010.

ASSET was one of six companies that are authorised to undertake these audits.

ASSET Aviation CEO, Mat Petrenko, said that while having a highly experienced and specialised auditing team in-house, it was time to move on and focus on the future of safety programs in aviation.

“I think the future of auditing is to build capacity internally and reduce the volume of third-party audits,” Petrenko said.

“We will still offer auditing services to our clients, but we aim to focus on training and capability building-after all, auditing is only one small element of an aviation Safety Management System (SMS), but some companies are subjected to 10 third-party audits a year, each from a different entity yet each asking similar questions-this seems out-of-proportion in modern, sophisticated safety assurance processes and is an inefficient use of resources.

“The new direction for third-party audits I believe, is for them to become integrated with internal auditing and SMS processes to avoid repetition and the burden of wasted time and money.

“This can be done in a way that makes the process more robust and thorough, and this is the direction we want to take our clients,” he said.

“Our decision to drop BARS audits is a result of our passion for taking auditing into its next generation and to free up more of our specialised resources to deliver better aviation training,” Petrenko added.

ASSET Aviation is currently offering diploma programs for Australian aircrew and cabin crew which recognise the broad (and often under-rated) range of skills acquired during their career.

They are also offering the latest International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) courses in safety management in Australia in 2017 along with a broad range of leadership programs for aviation managers.

ASSET Aviation is a globally-focused, aviation research and training Institute located in Brisbane, Australia. It offers aviation clients safety, auditing, and education services as an ICAO Trainair Plus associate member.

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