Aerodrome Reporting Officer Refresher Program


ICAO Training


Approximately 12 hours




AUD $395.00 (incl.GST)


Our online ARO refresher course will keep you, and your ARO qualifications, current with MOS 139 and industry standards.

When enrolled, you have access to the ARO refresher learning material which includes tutorials, case studies, reports and practice exercises, for three months.

There are ten subjects in our ARO refresher course.  Four subjects are core to the program which are mandatory, and six subjects are electives.  To pass the ARO refresher course and receive a certificate, you must pass the four core subjects, plus any two of the six electives.  You choose your electives, not us.

You can study at your own pace, choosing the electives relevant to you.  When ready, complete the final exam for each subject and you will maintain your ARO/WSO competency in accordance with CASA AC 139.C-02 v 1.0 (

This program will also provide you credits towards the nationally recognised Aerodrome Reporting Officers Skill Set AVISS00053.

You will learn through:

  • Real-life industry case-study scenarios
  • Interactive exercises
  • High-quality learning material
  • Flexible on-line learning

Our online Aerodrome Reporting Officer Refresher course is designed by ICAO specialist course developers, is both practical and interactive, and promotes best-practice for the Aerodrome Reporting Officers.

Course participants will revise the legislation relevant to aerodrome certification, the methods of how to inspect movement areas, report on the safety of the aerodrome, and review complex calculations for declared distances and works areas.

You will refresh your understanding of the relevant job functions associated with the role of an Aerodrome Reporting Officer and Works Safety Officer as stated in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR Part 139, MOS 139 and AC139). 

Your Aerodrome Reporting Officer’s  skills and knowledge should be renewed every 2 years. You’ve done the work—now keep it current!

ARO Refresher Course – INFORMATION


On-line training is an option for those AROs who need ARO refresher training and professional development, but find it operationally difficult to attend a face-to-face class.  The ASSET Aviation Institute online Aerodrome Reporting Officer Refresher Program offers 3-month access to coursework, videos and interactive exercises which are designed to refresh your skills in aerodrome inspections and regulations in accordance with MOS139 and AC139.C-02. 

Your ARO refresher course provides all core ARO subjects, as recommended by CASA, that will refresh that knowledge lost over time, but also offer additional specialist modules for your advanced learning.  The benefit of enrolment in our ARO refresher course, is your ability to log in, at anytime over 3 months, to revise a specific subject that is relevant to you at that time, or develop a deeper understanding of new material.  We continuously revise and add to our learning material; the industry constantly changes, and so does this program!

Aerodrome Reporting Officer Online Refresher Program consists of 10 units:

  • Module 1 – Aerodrome Legislation (Core)

  • Module 2 – Runway Characteristics

  • Module 3 – Taxiway Characteristics

  • Module 4 – Apron Characteristics

  • Module 5 – Declared Distances (Core)

  • Module 6 – OLS (Core)

  • Module 7 – Wind Direction Indicators

  • Module 8 – Visual Aids (Core)

  • Module 9 – Displaced Thresholds

  • Module 10 – NOTAM


You will have access to your ARO refresher course for 3 months.

You can study as much or as little as you like, but to renew your qualifications, you must pass the core unit assessments plus any two elective unit assessments.  Some students finish the course in a few hours, while others take their time, studying a little each month, and reading all of the course material and studying areas of interest in more depth.  But the average time spent in the course is 12 hours.  The choice is yours.

  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO) Initial Course.  Yes, we recognise initial ARO training from aerodrome internal training programs, and other schools and institutes.

The price of this course is

$395.00 (Inc. GST)

Are you an aerodrome manager? 

Talk to us about aerodrome discounts for your staff.  All inclusive training packages, certification management and contextualised course material for your aerodrome.


This course is delivered online.

Computer based


It’s important that you understand our policies, your rights and obligations.  Please download your student handbook.


Study mode: Online

Course fee: $395.00 (incl. GST)


How often do I need to do an ARO refresher course?

Aerodrome reporting officers (ARO) are crucial members of the aviation industry.  They report accurate and timely information to pilots and air traffic control (ATC) about the condition of an aerodrome and its navigational facilities.   Aerodrome Reporting Officers must have specific qualifications and skills to perform their duties effectively, which is why their training and refreshment are essential.

So, how often do aerodrome reporting officers need to refresh their qualifications?  The answer is that it varies between two and five years.  The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) mandates that aerodrome reporting officers (ARO) undergo refresher training.  The frequency of ARO refresher training varies depending on the complexity of the airport.  At one end of the refresher scale is a remote country aerodrome with perhaps one dirt runway, no lights, no airline activity and very few private flights.  In this case, reporting officers could refresh their qualifications every five years (the maximum time between ARO refresher courses)—because the runway facilities are not complex.  However, a State Capital aerodrome with multiple runways, taxiways and aprons, each with complex lighting systems and continuous airline traffic, is at the other end of the refresher scale.  At these aerodromes, reporting officers require more frequent ARO refresher training—every two years (the minimum time between ARO refresher courses).  And somewhere in the middle is your typical regional aerodrome, where we recommend that reporting officers complete refresher training every three years to maintain their qualifications and operational competency.

The ARO refresher course revises those critical elements of ARO duties.  Core units, common to all aerodromes, are taught, and then you choose other relevant subjects.  The ARO online refresher course includes practical sessions, and you must pass assessment tests to demonstrate your competency.  The practical sessions help sharpen your skills through active learning by resolving issues taken from actual industry case studies.

The ARO online refresher training course is essential to an aerodrome reporting officer’s career development.  It ensures you are up-to-date with regulations and inspection techniques and can provide accurate and timely information to pilots or ATC.  It also helps to maintain high professional standards throughout the aviation industry.

In conclusion, on average, aerodrome reporting officers must undergo refresher training every three years to maintain their qualifications and operational competency.  The training covers various essential topics, including elective subjects that match your aerodrome equipment and facilities.  The ASSET Aviation online ARO refresher course ensures that aerodrome reporting officers remain knowledgeable, precise and capable of performing their duties safely and effectively.


You will receive high quality training written by experts in on-line education and aviation training and qualification programs. Our Aerodrome Reporting officer online refresher courses are designed in consultation with industry experts in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (AC139) Standards. Our learning material is easy to understand, our system is easy to use, and you will receive cost-effective training that is relevant to your job in aviation.

We share your passion for further advancing your professional development within the aviation industry. Our professional instructors and course designers are carefully selected, respected experts, with considerable experience and knowledge in their field.  But most importantly, our instructors are teachers: their role is to help you learn and build your competence.  They do this by sharing with your their years of operational history and experience.

Refresh your ARO skills online, at a time convenient to you.

  • Enjoyed that I could complete the training in my own time and there was lots of helpful information covered in the training.

    Megan Pellow McKinlay Shire Council


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ASSET Aviation Institute is Australia’s only ICAO accredited aviation educator.

ARO Refresher Course participants will revise how to inspect runways, report on the safety of the aerodrome, mark movement areas and facilitate repairs while updating their knowledge with the latest regulations.

Given any Australian aerodrome, course participants will understand the relevant job functions associated with the role of an Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO) and Works Safety Officer (WSO) in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR Part 139, MOS 139 and AC139), Australian Skills and Qualifications Standards, and ICAO principles.

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